Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Neuro-Clix.

How long does it take to receive my stethoscope?

Littmann stethoscopes are imported from the United States of America. Lead time to enter the country ranges from 6-8 weeks. However some stock is kept on hand. If there is stock available your delivery will be made in 4-7 days. 

What personalization options are available?

Littmann stethoscopes can be ordered in a variety of colours, with special finishes (Matt Black, Rainbow and Smoke). Additionally your Littmann stethoscope may be engraved with your personal details for an additional R200. 

Where are Littmann Stethoscopes shipped from?

United States of America 

What is the product warranty?

Littmann Stethoscopes come with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. 

Can I order spare parts for my stethoscope?

Diaphragms, bells and ear pieces can be ordered. A quote will however need to be provided. Please feel free to contact me personally for more information. 

How do people generally use their Littmann stethoscope before wanting a replacement?

Clinicians as a generalisation use their Litmann model for approximately 10 years, and then decide to order a replacement. Usually not due to damage to the stethoscope, but rather due to the availability of an upgraded model with better acustics. 

What is a good stethoscope for a student?

A good entry level stethoscope for a student is the Littmann Classic III SE, it is easy to use, has dual paediatric and adult diaphragms and will last for the duration of clinical studies if looked after well. 

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at nix@neuro-clix.com or call us on +27 824467439